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1) What is Come and Rent Baires?
We are an experienced that rents totally furnished and equipped apartments.

2) Which is the minimum time of stay?
Most of our apartments require a minimum stay of one week, but in some cases, it is possible to rent for a shorter period of time.

3) How can I book?
You may send the request through the reservation application form, by phone or by e-mail. Once you’ve chosen the apartment and we have received your reservation request, we contact with the owner and send you an email confirming that the apartment you have chosen is available.

4) How much do I have to pay to book?
You must pay 20% of the total cost of the rent.

5) How do I make the payment of the reservation?
After we sent you an email confirming the availability for the dates that you have chosen, you have 24 hours to pay the reservation via a transfer wire to be done through Western Union, or if you are in Buenos Aires, doing a deposit in the account that by email we’ll inform you. If the deposit were not made within that time, the request that you have made will loose effect.

6) How long will it take to get a reply after sending the reservation request?
The request sent in a work day should receive our reply in the next 24 hours. It depends on the time of the day your request was sent and on the number of requests our system has received on that day. If you do not receive any reply in the time stated above, we may have had some problem with the reception of your request. For that reason, it is advisable to resend the request or to write us an e-mail telling us about the delay so as to have a representative checking what happen with your request and contacting you soon.

7) At what time can I check-in and check – out?
The schedules of check-in do not have restriction. The check-out will be at 10 am. If the apartment does not have reservations for that day, the schedule will be able to be extended until the 5 pm.

8) Who will receive me in the apartment and give me the keys?
On day and time stated with you via e-mail, a representative of our agency will receive you at the apartment to give you the keys and sign the contract. It is normal for the owner to receive you that day and introduce himself.

9) What happens if my flight is delayed?
Don’t worry about it. When you confirm your reservation, our system will ask you for your arrival flight number. This information is very important because it allows us to check with the airport if any delay occurs with your flight. If a delay occurred, we will be informed and we will be able to calculate a new appointment time at the apartment to give you the keys. We will be there always one hour and a half after the new arrival time given for the flight number you gave us opportunely. You do not need to worry if a delay occurs because the airport will inform us the new arrival time.

10) What happens if I make a mistake informing another flight number or arriving?
You will have to contact us as quickly as possible, because we will have a mistaken data and we won’t have a way to find out the new flight number and your arrival to the apartment.

  11) What happens if I am delayed in the arrival to the apartment and I am not in the stated hour?
Our representative will wait for you 30 additional minutes to the time stated with you via e-mail. If you arrive to the apartment more than 30 minutes later, you will have to pay extra 10 USD.

12) How and when do I have to pay the rest of the stay?
At the moment you arrive to the apartment, you'll have to pay the rest of your stay and sign the contract. Payment of rent and Come and Rent Baires´s fees shall be made solely in Cash in US dollars or in Euros or Argentine pesos.
The guarantee deposit shall be paid in cash. In all cases, the deposit shall be reimburred once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory.

13) Do the published prices include taxes?
The prices include all the taxes.

14) Do I have to pay a guarantee deposit to rent the apartment?
Yes, you do. The value is generally an equivalent of a rent. It shall be paid in cash in all cases, and the deposit shall be refunded once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them according to the cost set before in the inventory.

15) Why do I have to pay the guarantee deposit?
In case the apartment had suffered damages, the owner must be covered.

16) Are there any extra charges for gas, electricity or water?
No. The prices include all the expenses and services.

17) Do the apartments have maid service?
Yes, they do. The maid service is once a week and generally includes the change of sheets and towels. A more frequent service is additional.

18) Do the apartments include sheets and towels?
Yes. All our apartments include sheets and towels.

19) What shall I do if I break anything?
You will have to pay the broken piece of furniture according tothe cost set before in the inventory.

20) What shall I do if I need information during my stay?
You can contact us to the telephone that appears in the site.

21) Do the apartments have telephone?
Unless it is stated; yes they do.

22) Do I have to pay administrative charges?
Yes, you do. You must pay u$s 25 of administrative charges.

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