Furnished and equipped apartments for temporary rent in Buenos Aires



The reservations will be made with three days in advance and with not more than two months. Come and Rent Baires will respond to their request in the 48 skilled hours confirming him availability, details and rates of the elected apartment.

  Requirements for the reservation

To make a reservation you shall be at least 21 yeas old.
The reservation will become effective depositing 20% of the total of the rent and the sum of USD 40 in concept of administrative charges. Both could be through Western Union company or also by a transference of money or a deposit in cash in a national bank

  To call off a reservation

The reservation deposit won't have refund for cancellations carried 30 days notice in advance.
50% of the same one will be returned for cancellations carried out with 30 or more days of anticipation.


The rates published in our page are final prices. They include all the services, expense and municipal taxes.

  Forms of Payment

Once the guest arrives at the apartment, he will pay the total of the stay. The same one will be paid in cash, in ARG pesos, American dollars or Euros. The guest also will have to leave a guarantee deposit. This amount will depend on the time of stay. The same one shall be refunded once the stay has finished.
The apartments should be returned under the same conditions they were received. If there is any damage in the apartment, voluntary or not, the guest will pay for it according to the inventory.

Arrival and departure

Every guest, previous to the occupation of the apartment, will identified himself with his/her of passport.
On day and time pre-arranged with you via e-mail, the guest will be received in the apartment by a representative of our company and the owner of the unit.

The owner of the apartment and the guest will proceed to sign the Temporary Contract of Lease and the respective inventory that both will have checked previously.

To confirm the operation, 48 hours before the departure date, the guest and the owner will get in contact to agree the return of the apartment and their keys. If there are no damages, we will proceed to return you the guarantee deposit.

Without exception, the check-out will be at 10 o'clock. If the apartment is not booked for the same day, the guest will be able to remain in the apartment until the time of their convenience without additional charge.

Other considerations

The apartments can be let for a minimum period of 7 days, except that, with certain exceptions, will be expressed clearly. The maximum time will be of six months.

The Temporary Contracts of Lease can not be extended beyond deadline, they have a date of beginning and a date of end. In case that the guest decides to extend his stay and whenever the apartment is not reserved for the requested date, a new contract will be made.

If the guest should retire before the pre-arranged moment, he will not receive his deposit.
This will be considered to be a nonfulfillment of the contract on the guest’s side.


Telephone Service

Most of the apartments have a telephone service installed that allows them to make local calls up to AR $30. This cost is included in the price of the rent.
Prepaids cards can be bought at any store to make international or cel phone calls were required.


The owners of the apartments and Come and rent BAires, reserve the admission right to its apartments. In that case, Come and rent BAires will offer alternatives for your stay.

Pets in the apartments

If you decide to travel with your pet, please let us know previously because there are owners who accept animals and others who don’t.

Come and Rent| BAires is always at your disposal for any information that you need. Please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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